Off White Bull Denim Canvas - 5 Yard Bolt

Size: 62-64 inches Wide
Sale price$45.00 USD


Create durable and stylish pieces with our Bull Denim Fabric, a robust twill fabric made from 100% cotton. Unlike authentic indigo yarn dyed denim, this fabric boasts a natural color, offering a versatile canvas for a wide range of creative projects. Ideal for apparel and various end uses, this fabric is perfect for crafting furniture covers, aprons, outerwear, sportswear, kids wear, hats, crafts, and specialty products that demand a tougher material with a touch of softness.

The Bull Denim Fabric is prepared in a convenient 5-yard bolt, providing ample material for your sewing endeavors. Whether you're designing sturdy outerwear, playful kids' garments, or unique crafts, this fabric ensures a combination of durability and comfort.


  • 100% cotton composition for a sturdy yet soft feel.
  • Suitable for a variety of end uses, including apparel, furniture covers, aprons, and more.
  • Tough and versatile, making it an excellent choice for projects that require durability.
  • Prepared in a 5-yard bolt for convenience and flexibility in your creative endeavors.

Express your unique style and create lasting pieces with the Bull Denim Fabric. Its tough nature and versatile appeal make it a reliable choice for a wide array of projects, ensuring your creations stand the test of time while maintaining a touch of softness.

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