Blackout Ivory Drapery Fabric By The Yard

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Add style and transform your living spaces into cozy retreats with this premium Blackout Drapery Fabric by the Yard, the ultimate solution for creating a comfortable and serene environment in your home.

Ivory Blackout Drapery Fabric By Yard

It is made from 70% polyester and 30% cotton, and this fabric is specially designed to offer unparalleled light-blocking capabilities, making it an excellent choice for those seeking optimal darkness and privacy. If you want to enhance your home theater, TV room, or game room, our blackout fabric will transform any space into a peaceful retreat.

The fabric is available in an elegant Ivory color, adding a touch of sophistication and versatility to your interior decor. With a generous width of 54 inches, our blackout fabric is perfect for various applications, including drapery, curtains, and window treatments. The wide range of uses and the fabric's top-notch quality make it an ideal choice for residential and commercial projects.

Blackout Drapery Fabric By The Yard has a soft and smooth texture. It has a shiny appearance making it an ideal choice to add shine to your room. Blackout Drapery Fabric has a 3-pass / 3-layer construction. The three layers consist of a polyester face fabric, a middle foam layer, and a tight weave structure, ensuring effective noise-dampening properties.

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Key Features "Blackout Drapery Fabric in Ivory Color"

  1. Superior Light Blockage performance to enjoy a completely dark room
  2. Premium Quality Material
  3. Versatile Usage to adapt to your needs.
  4. Noise-Dampening Properties
  5. Effortless Maintenance
  6. Easy to wash and care


Product Availability

Fabric Gift LA offers "Blackout Ivory Drapery Opaque Fabric Sold By The Yard" in unique sizes and variant colors.


Fabric Type:  70% polyester and 30% cotton
Width:  54"


  • Ivory

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    Caring Instructions 

    Caring for your Blackout Drapery Fabric is a breeze. Simply machine wash it in cold water and tumble dry on low heat to maintain its pristine condition and extend its longevity.

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