Washed Heavy Denim Blue Jean Sold by The Yard | Made in Japan

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Get a most stylish yet luxurious look with this Denim Blue Jean that is designed for those who appreciate both comfort and style. Made from high-quality cotton that is durable and breathable. The classic Blue Jean color adds a timeless touch to any wardrobe, making it a versatile choice for various clothing projects.

The fabric type is a blend of 98% cotton and 2% spandex, offering the perfect combination of softness and stretch. The cotton content ensures a natural feel against the skin, providing unmatched comfort, while the added spandex offers flexibility, making it ideal for a range of garments. If you need a pair of comfortable everyday jeans or a stylish denim jacket, this fabric has the right balance for your fashion needs.

Our Blue Jeans Fabric comes in a convenient cut-by-the-yard form, allowing you the flexibility to purchase the exact quantity you need for your sewing projects. This ensures minimal waste and maximum customization, making it a cost-effective choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professional designers.

The vibrant blue jean hue adds a touch of classic Americana to your creations, making it a staple for any fashion-forward individual.  If you are designing casual wear or incorporating denim accents into your accessories, this fabric effortlessly complements various styles. From trendy skinny jeans to timeless denim shirts, the possibilities are endless with our Blue Jeans Fabric.

Create the perfect pair of jeans that not only fit flawlessly but also stand the test of time with our durable and stylish fabric. 


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Strong fabric
  • Easy to maintain and wash 
  • Perfect for men’s and women’s jean
  • Versatile choice

Washing instructions 

  • Handwash
  • Cold Water Recommended
  • Use Gentle Cycle
  • Use Mild Detergent
  • Air Dry Preferred

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